June's Produce of the Month

As mentioned in the previous entry, Advanced Nutrition Consultants will be highlighting a produce of the Month each month to introduce or reintroduce a new fruit or vegetable to include in your diet. This month we are focusing on one of the more underused members of the tuber family: the radish. Radishes are a root vegetable much like your potatoes, yams and carrots. They are generally available year round, but are at the peak of their season between the months of April and July here in Pennsylvania. How do we know when items are at the peak of their season here in the Keystone State? Just refer to the seasonal calendar on the PA Preferred website or use this URL here: http://www.papreferred

Introducing Produce of the Month!

Thank you for checking back to Advanced Nutrition Consultants' blog! We are excited here at ANC to introduce a new feature to our blog: Produce of the Month. We will be selecting a fruit or vegetable that is in-season (in southeastern Pennsylvania) each month and provide the health benefits of that item, preparation and storage tips as well a recipe that highlights the flavors of that food item. This specific produce may be an uncommon, unpopular or unique one that helps you try new items and explore new flavors and nutrients! June's Produce of the Month is: the radish. Stay tuned to learn more about this root vegetable. Yours in health and well-being, ANC

Welcome to Advanced Nutrition Consultants!

Advanced Nutrition Consultants is comprised of experts in the field of diet and nutrition. In addition to providing top-notch and individualized nutrition counseling, we will also be blogging! So, be sure to continue to check in from time to time to see what we are up to! We plan on blogging about our favorite snacks, restaurants, recipes, workouts and, of course, our expert take on the latest health fads and diet trends from the paleo diet to detoxing and everything in between. Stay tuned! Yours in health and well-being, ANC

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