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Daily Food Journal
Physician Referral Form

Click on the link above to download your food journal. This will be useful for your individual appointment. Plan to complete at least three days worth of food journals prior to your appointment. You can either print it out and hand-write your intake or type it and email it to your RD the day before your appointment.

Your doctor may need to complete this referral for medical nutrition therapy in order for your insurance company to provide reimbursment. Please print this out and bring to your next doctors appointment and make sure you bring this completed form to your appointment with the registered dietitian.

Healthy Habits Checklist 

Click on the link above to download your accountability tool: The Healthy Habits Checklist. In the month of March, 2021, challenge yourself to set SMART goals with the help of your dietitian and check off the days you accomplish those goals. Submit each weekly checklist to your dietitian for an entry into our National Nutrition Month raffle! Good luck!

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