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How can a dietitian help me with my grocery shopping?

The grocery store and food shopping in general can be overwhelming. Just looking at the bread aisle can be a daunting task. And what about the health food section? Should I stick to the gluten-free and organic section? Which granola bars are best? Should I only shop the perimeter of the store? What kind of cereals are better than others? Should I try agave syrup over honey? Hmm... butter, margarine or oil? Which fats are the good fats?

If going grocery shopping leaves you confused or asking yourself questions like the ones above, you could benefit from a grocery store tour with one of our dietitians. We can help guide you through all the steps starting with creating a plan for the week, breaking down ingredients to create a shopping list to bring with you and choosing the healthiest options for you and your family while in the grocery store.

To set up a grocery store tour, call Advanced Nutrition Consultants at 610-229-9060.

Note: We recommend setting up an initial, in-office consultation first prior to setting up a grocery store tour.

Are you a manager or owner of a supermarket or grocery store?

Your in the business of selling food, so why not have your own personal, in-store, food and nutrition expert? Many supermarkets and grocery stores are employing registered dietitians to have on staff to provide customers with the most recent, evidenced based nutrition facts and information. Don't fall behind on this vital piece of your business.

What can a supermarket dietitian provide?

  • Tours: We can help your customers navigate their way through the store, finding all the ingredients they need for a healthy and well balanced diet

  • Presentations & demonstrations: With our fun and interactive presentations and cooking demonstrations, we can bridge the gap between the foods you sell and the health of your customers.

  • Educational materials: We can help develop or edit educational materials to provide to your customers such as heart healthy cooking, meal prepping on a budget and family friendly recipes.

And more! for more information about what Advanced Nutrition Consultants can provide for your grocery store, email Trish at or call us at 610-229-9060