Emotionally Eating? You Need a Self Care Toolbox

If you find yourself looking in the fridge or pantry at night and you aren't actually hungry take a pause. Take that moment to evaluate your emotions. Do a mental health check-in. If it isn't hunger you are feeling, what is going on?

Are you stressed?

Are you tired?

Are you bored?

Are you sad?

Emotional eating is a very common issue. When we feel some type of emotion like stress, anxiety, sadness, boredom, we need some way to cope with that feeling. A lot of times, we may turn to food as a coping mechanism. It is important to evaluate what will help you cope with that emotion for the long term.

The problem with emotional eating is many times after we finish that snack or treat, the emotion is still there. I encourage my patients to come up with a self care toolbox that can help cope with these stressors or emotions on a more long-term scale. For everyone, their self care toolbox may look different and that is okay!

For me, I love keeping myself busy with house projects, and crafts. I also find that breathing exercises, gentle exercise and playing with my dog help me cope with stress. What are some tools in your self care toolbox?

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